What Is SMART Wi-Fi?

Proven expertise to design, develop, and implement a Wi-Fi Solution that works anywhere and anytime. And, proven methods to demonstrate that ability on an ongoing basis.
Our team offers a full range of capabilities customizable into the exact services that you need. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

We will develop a Wi-Fi flexible system that meets your IT needs and business requirements. We will make the effort to understand what is important to your business, rather than presume to tell you what is important.
We will identify risk, identify the potential impact, and then make specific recommendations to remove or mitigate the risk in the wireless network deployment.

With ITSec Ltd, wherever you are, Wi-Fi is there

Connecting your business to the technology resources you need

WI-FI – Wireless Fidelity

Providing faster, more reliable Wi-Fi services at a lower overall cost of ownership is essential. It must be everywhere, indoors and outdoors, and stable and strong enough to support the most demanding multimedia applications.

Wi-Fi LAN has become one big network for All Converged Services. Today, everyone needs Wi-Fi for far more than just Internet Access.

With uprising 802.11ac Access Points technologies, Enterprises, Retails, Hotels or SMB can now deploy a single, unified, reliable wireless infrastructure to concurrently support all essential business applications including: High-Speed Internet, Point-of-Sale Terminals, IP-Based Video on Demand (VOD), Back Office and Service Optimization Services, Voice over IP (VoIP), digital Signage, Kiosks, Smartphones, and IP-enabled devices of all kinds.

advantages – ITSec Ltd smart wifi

Wi-Fi is the technology of choice for many reasons:

  • Implementation of the most cutting-edge, industry standard and proven wireless technology available today;
  • Creation of a complete wireless blanket over your infrastructure that enables anyone to connect to the Internet from anywhere;
  • Support for tomorrow’s high-tech devices, like Smartphones, Wi-Fi VoIP phones, Wireless Surveillance cameras, and more;
  • Far cheaper and aesthetically pleasing than running cables at existing properties;
  • Deployment time for wireless infrastructure is substantially less than any wired solution; hotels, for example, can be wireless in days not weeks;
  • Expandable / scalable for the future;
  • More convenient than wired jacks – Wi-Fi works anywhere on your property;

Our networks are engineered to minimize initial financial risk without sacrificing on long-term technology. Our design can be modularly built upon to completely cover your property wirelessly and take advantage of possible future applications as business models are uncovered, proven, and accepted by users.


  • One Network for all Converged Services
    IP-enabled devices of all kinds;
  • Unmatched Multimedia Support
    Uniquely classify, schedule, prioritize, and optimize latency-sensitive multimedia traffic to ensure flicker-free video, and crystal-clear voice communications;
  • More Reliable Wi-Fi Everywhere with Fewer APs
    Delivering the most reliable Wi-Fi signals possible, picking the best performing path and constantly routing signals around interference as it is encountered.
  • World Class Wireless Security
    WPA-PSK, WPA-TKIP, WPA2 AES, 802.11i
  • Ultra High Capacity Wi-Fi
    Providing reliable Wi-Fi for large groups and conferences by not only supporting hundreds of concurrent clients but takes advantage of advanced capabilitites such as band steering, airtime fairness, and client load balancing to better optimize the crowded RF spectrum;
  • Revolutionary Unified Wi-Fi systems
    Combining Enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, a central management controller and disruptive pricing;

What is the solution?

ITSec Ltd will look at your company from a business perspective to identify critical systems and dependencies. We leverage our expertise to improve the process, allowing the Wi-Fi planning effort to move forward at a faster pace while generating positive results.

To deliver the Wi-Fi solution, ITSec Ltd will adopt a systematic approach in line with international standards of “project management” and “IT solution deployments.”. ITSec Ltd will gather customer information and feedback from your company at each stage of the project to ensure that ITSec Ltd is meeting your company’s expectations

Typical steps include:
1. Pre-Deployment & Expansion Plan 

2. Installation and Verification

Troubleshooting and Security

Management and Optimisation