IT Security Assessment / Audit

ITSec Ltd follows a proven risk-based IT Assessment / Audit methodology to help with the identification, evaluation of IT security risks and thereby improve the overall IT Security level. This structured approach ensures planning of tasks and availability of subject matter experts as and when required so as to complete the scope within the budgeted cost and timelines.

The IT system within any company has different dimensions and with various levels of operation. An IT assessment helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your IT system, and also provides solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability. This process is quite complicated, therefore the need for a specialists who help with the assessment.

When you assess the information technology (IT) of your business it reduces the costs of solving IT issues that impact your network, data security, and other factors in general.

The following will give you more insight into what an IT Security Assessment / Audit is, the benefits of assessing your IT systems, and other related issues.

Implementing the Right IT Security Assessment / Audit

During an IT assessment process, a range of options related to your business must be considered.

An assessment assesses all factors in your IT department that contributes to your daily successes. Some of these factors include individuals, and policies. These factors must be aligned with your business needs both its short- and long-term goals.

IT assessment proffers an adequate solution to the following:

  • Potential risks
  • Existing IT policies and strategy
  • Internal capabilities
  • Current IT costs and returns
  • Carrier Services
  • Data security/Data Storage
  • Management of technology
  • Network design and infrastructure
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Cloud Services
  • Business Services/Applications
  • IT Disaster Recover
  • Network Security

ITSec Ltd uses a combination of standards like ISO 27001/27002, 22301 for applying best practices for the security process and technical frameworks and benchmarks like COBIT to test and benchmark key technical infrastructure security controls. The steps followed in the IT Assessment process are given below:

What does an IT Security Assessment / Audit process look like?

Every assessment focuses on various IT and business aspects, some assessments include:

  • Insight and analysis of the IT system by technical experts.
  • Proven project management methodology that guarantees monitoring, control, and quality assurance throughout the assessment process.
  • Stakeholders are involved in the assessment process to determine business goals and objectives.
  • Recommendations for improvements in specific areas.

Benefits of an IT Security Assessment / Audit

IT systems require adequate management in order to ensure efficiency at all levels. A number of benefits are associated with implementing the right IT assessment, some of these benefits include:

  • An IT assessment enhances productivity and efficiency in an organization. It analyzes weaknesses within your system that can serve as threats to your network.
  • You can maximize your organization’s limited resources by putting the right IT strategy in place. This strategy would be suggested after an IT assessment is carried out in your IT system.
  • It also highlights opportunities for cost optimization
  • The IT assessment helps to identify your IT strengths and areas you can grow and improve.
  • It exposes your IT risks and provides strategies to reduce or eliminate these risks.
  • An IT assessment also provides a pathway forward for technology that is aligned to your company’s goals and objectives

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