Business Partners

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Microsoft Small Business Specialists provides technological advice, support, and service, for small businesses. It Specializes in helping businesses thrive.

HP Business Partner

HP is a force to be reckoned with in the technology industry, it’s vision is to create technology that increases the betterment of life around the globe.

Odoo Learning Partners

Odoo learning partners are committed to providing businesses with software that is less complicated and easy to use. Odoo is the most installed business software in the world.

IBM Business Partners

IBM is an innovative technology-based company dedicated to improving businesses, society, and human conditions.

Microsoft Partners

Microsoft is a software company that has provided high-technological services over the years.

SOPHOS Partners

Sophos is a security-based company devoted to providing maximum security for your personal Macs and PCs.


Veeam is a leading company that provides backup solutions for cloud management data. It provides platforms capable of securing data.


Asustor is a leading pioneer and provider of private cloud storage and video surveillance solutions, also specializes in the advancement of related firmware, hardware, and applications.

DELL Partner Direct

Dell Technologies is committed to developing technologies that transform businesses, build the future of innovation, and propel human progress.


Symantec is a security company that helps to secure cloud data with ready-to-go policies and consistent monitoring.


Vmware is a cloud computing software provider whose commitment is to solve tech problems around the globe.


Cisco manufactures and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services.


Fortinet is a company committed to developing and building custom security processing unit (SPU) technology that provides you with the best performance and cost value in the industry.

Ubiquiti Network

Ubiquiti Network is a technology-based company, it’s business model is channeled at providing high technology performance equipment.


Apricorn is a leading brand that provides innovative ways of ensuring a high level of data security in every organization.


Ruckus Network, an ARRIS company offers both wireless and wired networking services and software products to mobile users, broadband service providers, and corporate organizations.

Get Your Company Network Secured Before It Gets Compromised. Together Let's Improve Your ICT Security Vigilance.