What Is Cloud?

The Cloud refers to servers that can be accessed on the internet, and also databases. Users can access files and applications on any device through the cloud. This is possible because data is usually stored on servers.

What Are The Various Kinds
Of Cloud Computing?

​Private cloud

​This is a server, network, or data center which belongs solely to an organization. It is a computing service offered to selected users on the internet or a private internal network.

​Public Cloud

​Unlike the private cloud, this is a computer service available to the entire public who wants to use or purchase them, it is offered by third-party providers. It is usually shared among multiple organizations.

​Hybrid Cloud

​This is a cloud computing that combines both the public and private cloud. An organization can utilize their private cloud for some services while their public cloud serves as a backup.

​Multi Cloud

This is a type of cloud which involves various public clouds. Multi-cloud makes use of two or more clouds from different cloud providers. This means an organization can mix Infrastructure, Platform, or Software as a Service.

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